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Re: What would be the downsides to one big Olympus forum?

tinternaut wrote:

What would be the downsides to one big Olympus forum?

Just asking...

Simple: too much noise from too many directions. Due to:

- Too many different user backgrounds

- Too many m43 bodies already available

- Too many m43 lenses (some making double use) already available.

Good luck trying to discuss 4/3 lenses in the middle of a fight whether the m43 14-42 zuiko version one is better than version two, while someone is screaming from the side that nothing beats the new panny 14-42 kit lens, not to be confused neither with the Panny 14-45mm kit lens, neither with the first 14-42 Panny, and God Forbid not with the 14-42X Panny.

WHAT ?!? WHAT'S WRONG WITH THE 12-42X Panny ?!? Well, it's stabilization sucks. Really, it sucks ? Yeah, it sucks. What, does it suck more or less than the stab on the E-PL1 which was a downgrade from the E-620 ? Yeah, sucks more than that, if they were so good, why does the new Panny camera come with in body stabilisation ? He he he. Oh, yeah ? If the in body stabilisation is so good, why does this Panny in body stabilisation automatically turn off when a stabilised lens is detected ? Huh ? Well, that's another issue, Panny is unable to make an IBIS as good as Oly's Oh, really, they are not ? And where are Oly's 12-35mm and 35-100mm ?

And so on, and so on.

See, I made this all up with only a few voices in my head. Imagine a whole forum

Keep in mind that CaNikon forums are not one forum. Just watch them. They are separated even by models.

duckling wrote:

... ... ...

Here's to someone who managed to express exactly what I think and feel in not so many words. Kudos and thanks.

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