Windows 8 adoption is OK

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I've given you 3 of them in my last two posts. ;-)

CAcreeks wrote:

There must be a web page that tells you your advertised UA. I will look for one and try to debug this problem.

P.S. The Yahoo mail problem of fonts increasing size after Enter also occurs on Windows FF, so I have to change browser family. Yahoo only works right with Chrome and maybe recent versions of IE.

I've linked to 3 different sites that show you UA info in my last couple of posts.

The one I mentioned in my most recent post also shows more info that sites can get using javascript queries.

This one:

But, most sites only look at the basic UA string, as these sites can show you:

Use the strings I just mentioned in my last post (Try these strings instead ); and you should also be fine with sites using more sophisticated javascript queries (just make sure you also have the other extension installed I mentioned, and restart Firefox after adding the new UA strings to the list in PrefBar).

Then, if you change the UA from the dropdown list and refresh the page using one of those sites to see what you're reporting, you can see that the reported UA is changing.

But, don't expect to be able to see or work with pages on sites when spoofing Internet Explorer (as you're still using Firefox, which has a different rendering engine).   IOW, trying to spoof IE can cause more problems than it helps (because Firefox won't know how to properly render a lot of page content designed for IE).

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