1022 future developments: I want to ask this BEFORE any new cameras are released

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Re: 1022 future developments: I want to ask this BEFORE any new cameras are released

CollBaxter wrote:

I was thinking along the same lines.

To me the logical solution would be to split the m4/3 forum Panasonic on side and Olympus the other side then combine the 2 forum into Olympus interchangeable lens cameras. This would stop the 3 way bickering or at least draw up battle lines.

This is precisely my concern. I am AGAINST any merging of the 4/3 and m43 forums. Part of the reasoning being what I mentioned above: there are many, many m43 users who have not seen a 4/3 lens (or any other 4/3 gear, for that matter) for real in their lives. They went to m43 as an addition to their existing CaNikoPentaWhatever system.

A separation along brand lines would also split things. Purely m43 users use both Oly and Panny lenses.

To me, the best evolution to the 1022 forum would be:

"The place to discuss Olympus E series digital SLR cameras, 4/3 lenses and any camera that can handle them (Purely Micro Four Thirds cameras and lenses should be discussed on the Micro Four Thirds Talk forum)"

This keeps the emphazis on E series SLR, opens the forum to camera bodies which can handle correctly 4/3 lenses, keeps any other 4/3 equipment in, and keeps the "purely m43" stuff at bay.

Of course, "handle them" and "purely m43" are a bit vague, but I am quite sure Olympus will find a specific designation to name the next hybrid or whatever camera they release (if it is a hybrid, of course).

The only "danger" from this would be to see more discussions like "Pictures I made this morning with my 4/3 300mm/2.8 on my E-PM1" But hey, why not.

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