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Re: PrefBar UA does not work right

Jim Cockfield wrote:

The PrefBar user agent, once changed, does not change back again until (perhaps) the next invocation of the browser process.

I don't follow what you mean.

I changed it to IE8 just to see what happens, then changed it back to recent FF, after which Yahoo would not let me read mail because of an "old" browser, IE8 it said. As if the UA can change only once.

Do you actually switch back and forth? Maybe I need to clear the cache, or something like that.

There must be a web page that tells you your advertised UA. I will look for one and try to debug this problem.

P.S. The Yahoo mail problem of fonts increasing size after Enter also occurs on Windows FF, so I have to change browser family. Yahoo only works right with Chrome and maybe recent versions of IE.

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