FZ250 in a few weeks?

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Re: FZ250 in a few weeks?

Sonyshine wrote

The Nex kit lens ( 18 55 version) is very good indeed, far better than people realise.

I have had several works published and they were taken with the kit lens.

I do love the versatility of my FZ200 but it is not capable of capturing the fine detail that a bigger APSC sensor is capable of - even so it pushes to the max what a small sensor can do.

I am glad you like your Nex kit lens.

It probably already well known that Nex kit lens is not high among all current kit lenses or major brands, including Fuji X, Lumix G, Canon Apsc dslr. I don't have my store test results any more, otherwise I can show you the difference. By the way, I always test multiple samples to avoid the sample variations.

No, Nex kit lhave is not sharper than fz200. The larger sensor does not offer more details. It dies, however, offer better low light nose reduction. I can see the difference at around iso 800-1600. Beyond 1600, they are all lemon.

Fz200, to my eyes, has a visible advantages in micro contrast over Nex+kit lens combination. I can boost overall contrast through post processing, but I am yet to learn how to do it for micro contrast. Theoretically I believe micro contrast can be done brought the in camera firmware. I am not sure whether fz200 achieves that by the lens natively or through the firmware, but it works for me. May be it is the native optical performance, otherwise, Sony should be able to get that too, and I know Nex already put in a lot of salt and MSG in its lens compensation.

overall, if anyone still thinks larger sensor means more details, he is still biased by the film theory. To update your knowledge, the main advantage in larger sensor, is either more resolution or less low light noise, but none of this implies more Details. The iq of Nex 6 over Nex 7 is a good example. Sorry, I should not talk so much about Nex here, this is oanasonic's forum. Pardon me. For further discussion on this topic, let's move to Sony forum.

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