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I get lost on the command line stuff as well.  Not gonna touch that - with my luck a power grid would shut off somewhere and looting would ensue.  But I've seen quite a few recommendations along those lines through searches.  Which suggests that fundamentally the capacity is there for Time Machine to limit backup timeframes or otherwise offer more control in managing content.  Really needs an update that lets you define how far back you want to keep things rather then loading up until the drive starts to leak.

I ended up going the easy, albeit tedious, route of going to the oldest backups in the TM history and manually deleting them (click gear icon, chose "Delete Backup").  Takes a while but does work.  Although I found a bit of a glitch in that if you try and do multiples simultaneously you get a lock error.  One at a time works fine.

Downside of above is that the return on drive space is relatively small.  I had half-a-dozen or so weekly backups from 2011 that I ditched and recovered something like 0.05GB of drive space.  For a conventional drive it's probably best to just leave as-is assuming it's larger than the overall size of files that being backed up; TM will self manage the oldest files.  It's the way it works with Drobo (and presumably its data-protecting ilk) that is frustrating.

JulesJ wrote:

Howard Moftich wrote:

the fastest way would be to use the tmutil command line utility to do a listbackups verb and then iteratively use the delete verb on those snapshots you want to remove.

Of course this is fairly dangerous and Your Mileage May Vary so dont come complaining if you end up w an unstable TM backup set esp. if you're not command-line savvy

Really helpful. Can write it in Greek?

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