1022 future developments: I want to ask this BEFORE any new cameras are released

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1022 future developments: I want to ask this BEFORE any new cameras are released

First thing first: This is NOT a "there will be no other 4/3 DSLR" thread. Please don't interpret it this way.

Second, a little history:

- Last year, the OM-D was released. Whether it was the next best thing after sliced bread or not is irrelevant.

But the fact is that it had a profound effect on this very forum, although not being a 4/3 camera: It was discussed so much, there were so many threads about it (here, in the 1022 forum), that eventually some people got fed up with all the noise around it.

- The result was that, although tolerated before, m43 discussions of any sort became almost taboo for a time. People daring mentioning anything m43, even when used with 4/3 lenses, got vehemently kicked back to troll-land. The forum came to a situation where discussing other brands and models was more tolerated than discussing anything m43.

The situation has fortunately calmed down since. Discussing m43 in a relevant 4/3 context (comparisons, purchase choices) seems to not be a problem now, which seems more than normal to me, as this forum has always been open to discussions - that's what a forum is about.

Now, the question(s):

IF a new camera able to handle 4/3 lenses correctly is released soon and IF it happens to NOT be a DSLR and NOT have natively a 4/3 mount - where is it to be discussed ?

A: The m43 forum, because this is a DSLR forum

B: Hey, this would mean more fun with our existing 4/3 lenses. Bring the discussion here.


Now, my point:

I've been through that several times, but let me say it again:

- I care more about my lenses than about anything else. I don't care what I'll attach them on, as long as they work correctly. For what it's worth, if Sigma releases a 4/3 compatible body, I'd buy it. If a cheap chinese copy of say the E-300 is released - I'd buy it.

- "Go to the m43 forum !!!" is too easy of an answer to me. It ignores one simple detail: there are more m43 users who have NEVER owned nor touched a 4/3 lens (most of them still own non-4/3 dslr systems) than users who come from 4/3

- I don't want this forum to become the next Konica Minolta forum. As cute as it is to see one new E-1 thread per day, closed systems (read "System" in the wide term, not as in "Photographic systems") tend to degenerate and die. A forum is like a nuclear submarine - if it stops, it goes to the bottom. If the next 4/3 camera is a classic 4/3 DSLR - great. But there is always a possibility it doesn't come under this form.

Long story short - this is our forum - let's plan ahead.

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