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Note: Before doing any of this I suggest you set the in-camera sharpening to minimum because the in-camera sharpening adds more artifacts than SPP.

Hi Johan,

Can you clear up the 'Picture Setting' menu for me. (SD15)

Is the Contrast, Saturation and Sharpness adjustments on this menu applied to 'RAW' files or just 'JPEG' files or both ?

Both separate JPEGs and the preview JPEG in the RAW file itself are affected by these settings.

Johan, I'm under the impression that the Contrast, Saturation and Sharpness adjustments for the in-cam settings only affect the JPEG not the RAW. Contrast may affect the histogram, as it's based on the JPEG not RAW.

All of them affect the preview JPEG inside the RAW, and therefore should affect the histogram, I agree.

In addition, they are applied as default values ("X3F" settings) in the RAW file, but these can be changed again once you open the RAW in Sigma Photo Pro, they are entirely reversible.

Right I think, the RAW DATA itself wouldn't actually be different based on those 3 above in-cam settings, but the default OPENING in SPP might differ, say in auto bullet, but not in X3F bullet... (??)

No, it's the opposite: The X3F bullet is changed by the in-camera settings for contrast/sharpening/saturation. Auto is not affected by these settings, but it *is* affected by the color mode chosen in the camera (which again, you can change in SPP afterwards).

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