HDR from one photo in Aperture

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Re: HDR from one photo in Aperture

While all of the various PP approaches mentioned have merit, I would try improving the image at the camera. Don't know what you are shooting with, but many dSLRs now have built in HDR modes, or at the very least modes that lighten the shadows and reduce the highlights such as "d-lighting" in Nikon cameras. Sony cameras actually can shoot a 2 shot burst and combine the images in the camera, producing very realistic HDR image.

I work for real-estate agency and all my shooting are usually scheduled at noon during summer.

I use 2 or 3 off camera flashes bounced from the ceiling or wall to give me indoor light, which is usually not enough to match outdoor (window) exposure at noon, but it is enough to give me one stop under-exposed interior, and at same time one or two stops overexposed view from the window.

I know I can recovery all data from one or one and half stop overexposed window, and I can recover all details from one stop underexposed interior without too much noise. That is how I compromise as I only have 3 flashes and not too much time or option to reschedule shooting for some more convenient time.

I can do it in photoshop by opening two versions of same file, one for interior exposure, and one for window, but I want to do it all in Aperture if possible.

By using brightness / recovery / highlights and shadows sliders I can't recover as much data as I can by using exposure slider. As I shoot RAW (Canon) d-lightning and auto light optimizer are not useful.

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