Any Lightroom 4 alternatives that cost less?

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Re: Photoshop Elements

MisterBG wrote:

Ron AKA wrote:

Elements 11 can do most of the things LR4 or 5 can do, plus many of the things full Photoshop can do, and LR cannot.

If you do RAW files and Elements 11 supports your camera (and I presume it does if you are using LR4) then it can be bought for about $60 from Amazon. Elements 12 will be out in September if you want the latest, but probably will be more.

That's one of the problems with Elements, buy one edition and there'll be another one along shortly.

Actually, the biggest problem with Elements is that it rarely gets any new features or improves in any significant way. I have version 6 and 11 and most changes I see are merely cosmetic. It's rip off program. You are much better off using Paint Shop Pro, which is far more powerful than Photoshop Elements.

I just wonder if there are people who have upgraded to every release of Elements as they have become available, and spent more than if they had bought a full copy of Photoshop in the first place.

Good point.

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