which lens on which body for wedding

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Re: which lens on which body for wedding

So a little time to breath now.

As posted before, I had to shoot the wedding of my niece and had some questions (and some doubts). A few of you have helped me decide what to do and what not.

I can tell you it was almost 14 hours of very hard work under a lot of pressure. I made mistakes, had some bad luck and a technical failure aswell.

Experience made me check results and settings often. Also using two camera's paid of. Being a bit directive at times gave me more oppertunities for good pictures. Also I was lucky. Lucky to have a very hansom couple. They took the time to get nice results. Also light was at times incredible (sometimes very difficult but than it was a challenge) and people al around me helped. (especially thanks goes to my wife who was carrying stuff or holding reflector screen but also taking care of details such as the dress, hands etc).

My goal was to get all precious moments in decent pictures and to have 10 very good photo's.

Did I achieve my goal....

If some one is interrested I will describe my story more detailed. I will post my setup and screw ups, my luck etc. I will also than request permission to share some results. For now I will select some picture from my very large collection to create an album....

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