On the apparent upcoming high end OMD that will "dub" as the 4/3rds hybrid

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Re: Next OMD is a micro 4/3, not a pro

dave gaines wrote:

Olymore wrote:

I'm sure 'Daddyo' would be pleased to know that he is a 'hobbiest'.
Sulking that you aren't going to get your Ex does not detract from the fact that more pros are using the OM-D than were using the E5.

Who is Daddyo and why would he care? Why are you his spokesperson?

What insider knowledge do you have that a Pro E-x is not coming? No one really knows what's coming in a few weeks. Soon we'll all know.

Pro's need pro lenses. Micor 4/3 does not offer Pro grade lenses. The zooms are SG. Only a few of the primes are high grade level and a pro working a gig can not use a bag full of primes as a substitute for good SHG zooms. Olympus might have sold a lot of OM-D in 2 years but that doesn't mean they are being used by pros.

This is Olympus SLR Talk, the place to discuss Olympus E series digital SLR cameras and lenses (Micro Four Thirds models should be discussed on the Micro Four Thirds Talk forum). We're waiting for the next Olympus DSLR.

Speculation about an upcoming, overpriced OM-D should be taken to the m4/3 talk forum, where people care about milc.

Here's a humble suggestion for you Dave. If you don't care about this thread- don't bother replying. Skip. It's pretty simple.

I totally think this thread belongs here because this is not talk about an OMD as a micro four thirds camera only, but precisely in the context of being the long awaited "E-7"- i..e the E-5 successor as a hybrid or with some sort of adapter.

Yes, this necessarily means, Olympus would NOT be developing more native 4/3rds solutions but at least they would do awesome backward compatibility support which quite frankly isn't even half bad considering all the other alternatives.

What pros need is not a question here- the question is what can Olympus do to be financially healthy and profitable in this market. Obviously 4/3rds was not working.

It's really tough to make a proposition when you have a sensor (even the OMD's sensor I may add) that will not perform as best APS-C or FF, yet end up being a pretty big camera with pretty pricey big heavy lenses (the SHG's that everyone here talks about so much).

But on Olympus own terms- small, nimble, more than good enough for a wide variety of shootings and assignments it works and I believe they can carve themselves a very healthy niche. And as for Pros- there are several pros using micro four thirds now too, so apparently 4/3rds is not needed to achieve that.

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