On the apparent upcoming high end OMD that will "dub" as the 4/3rds hybrid

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Re: Wishful thinking and rumors in excess on this forum

dave gaines wrote:

Art_P wrote:

So when it comes to that, any discussion of the only new camera to use 4/3 lenses must be brought to the m43 forum, and we can only discuss the lenses themselves, and discontinued cameras here. ...


I'm going to use your post because it's so typical of what everyone is saying here. I'm not picking on you, but everyone.

That's a good idea. This thread and a few others have been way too critical of 4/3 cameras.

Eh. How exactly has this thread been that? You meant he replies? Certainly not what I originally posted.

Lots of people are corrupting an otherwise good forum for DSLR talk with a lot of wishes for a better OM-D. They're burying what they call a dead system while it still has lots of life left in it.

I think talking about the successor of the E-5 from the perspective of it being the next OMD is fair game in this forum.

I do hope Olympus surprises us, but it's looking less likely

Based on what? I only hear rumors, speculation, guessing and wishful thinking to suggest what is coming next.

They could have slapped the Sony sensor into an E-x body and been done w it, a new camera for almost no R&D

Yep, and work on improving AF speed and CAF too.

But it seems like they'll do what they've been promising for several years- one beautiful system, one camera that will work w all 4/3 and m43 lenses.

That's not the news we got from corporate Olympus in February. Go find the news story here on dpreview. They realize the Pen and OM-D is not up to a pro level and does not satisfy the needs of anyone using a DSLR and 4/3 lenses. They see the need for E-system bodies of various price points. Apparently they will also continue to upgrade and improve the OM-D.

Olympus has said many many things. They sure hammered on one beautiful system for a long long time. Even confidential presentations leaked showing so. Certainly they can change their mind but it's quite possible they also are going in a pro-OMD direction.

Sure, I could be wrong, but you can't accuse me of raising false hopes.

Your not raising much of any hope here Art. Here on Olympus SLR Talk forum we still believe there's an upgrade to the E-5. There is nothing from Olympus to indicate it isn't coming.

And OMD capable of using 4/3rd lenses well would be an upgrade from an E-5.

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