On the apparent upcoming high end OMD that will "dub" as the 4/3rds hybrid

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Re: Why was it successful?

Dan wrote:

The D3...oh yeah that's the camera that made me switch from all Olympus to Nikon.

I went D2H first, to "test the waters" regarding the Nikon AF. I wound up with the D700 over the D3, because of cost and portability, but the D2H has the same chassis as the D3, and I just love it.

She's a wonderful thing...and your thoughts are dead on.

Pity the E3/5 grip left off where the E1 grip was so sweet...I guess something has to go when the price drops from $500 for the E1 grips to what were they $100 or so for the E3/5's?


Hate to think I bought two E1 grips at the initial price...but they were awesome and solid.

The E-1 grip was amazing, but I guess Oly learned that not many people wanted to buy one for $500, let alone two for $1,000!  I got mine with my E-1 in a Cameta firesale, TBH.

Currently thinning the herd a bit and keep thinking maybe a OM-D7 might not look too bad hanging off of a Celestron 8" Edge or even a 50-200 SWD for doing some astrophotography...though currently my D800 is out taking shot after shot on it's own...love the sequential shooting.

I didn't know you had the D800 now.  Cool.  I realize it's a better camera than the D700 in many ways, but my "problem" is that the D700 is so good that I can't seem to justify an upgrade, even though it's a 5-year-old model.

Anyhow...let's hope Olympus hits one out of the park and we're all happy!

Hopefully they announce what they have coming out before my 50-200 SWD sales...or if it comes out after it sales it's not so hot to make me go....doh why'd I do that!?

I still have my 50-200s ... both models.  It's the one lens for which I can't find a good translation in the Nikon lineup.  I wish they would make a good-quality 100-400 f/4-5.6 or something similar.  These days I use the 180/2.8 when I want a nice telephoto that weighs less than the 70-200/2.8 or 300/4.  Great lens, but it would be great to have zoomability.

I keep hoping we will get a body with a Sony sensor and C-AF to make the 50-200 SWD really shine, but it's been a long wait, and meanwhile I've gotten so deeply into Nikon that I have a bunch of lenses which I could never replace in the four thirds/micro four thirds combined lineup.  So unless this "OMD pro" is a complete game changer in some way, I'm afraid I may have to cut the umbilical cord and finally go all Nikon.  Maybe the 70-200 f/4 and a telecon would mostly get the job done as a 50-200 replacement....


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