On the apparent upcoming high end OMD that will "dub" as the 4/3rds hybrid

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Franka T.L. wrote:

I think its that same mentality to limit the M4/3 to oriented only towards the E-Pen design and gene that's truly harming the M4/3 instead. There is nothing wrong about going up against the Canon , o Nikon or anyone else. Let's face it, both Panasonic and Olympus M4/3 range is still money losing ( as shown in their ledger )

Yes, but I don't think the way to earn money is to go head to head vs Canikon. In fact, I think that was the single biggest 4/3rds mistake Olympus made. If you go on their terms they will win. Look at how Olympus dealt with them in the FILM era- it wasn't by building direct DSLR equivalents either. It's kind of weird but it's like history repeating itself.

and for the M4/3 to remain healthy, it need the customer base, and expand into other market sector,

I agree, but I don't think that means going into the Canikon territory per se.

that, yes mean going against others market share. Do not try to blind it. Yes originally mirrorless do create a new market, but this new market is still based on that same old market of population of photographers. Some new one might be in but they are not numerous enough to bear as their own.

I always and still maintain, for M4/3 to develop and be healthy, it need to brancj out from that COMPACT as hell bend for all marketing. There is a need for M4/3 to deliver both horizontally ( different take on the same market niche ) and vertically Up and down. And yes it mean M4/3 that are not design primary for compact's sake, but full workhorse type, so do their lens ...

I really think that's the quickest way for Olympus to go chapter 11. Unless Olympus decided to go with an all new format with a bigger sensor, but I just don't see that happening.

Its not hard to picture Sony now hard at work with their FF NEX and the NEX-7 replacement. And certainly aiming to made them fully working with their A mount lens. So for real, its not only Oly.

Yes but- (i) Sony has right now much more resources than Olympus and (ii) as you point out, that's FF cameras. I would be more inclined to agree with you if Olympus went with a FF camera, but I am not seeing an easy way for them to come out with a full brand new system at the moment.

But when and if Canon, Nikon do offer their own mirrorless that fully AF and other features compatible with their full range of lens. then what else the M4/3 hold over them. M4/3 need that broader range and they need it now, sooner, not later

The idea is size. You have a smaller sensor- that gives you the size advantage. Lose that and what you've got?

Thanks for voicing your disagreement and opinion. Appreciated.

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