Why Are Pentax with Prime Selection Grabbing Some of Mirrorless Market?

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Re: Oh you value IQ so little.

Richard wrote:

Alex Sarbu wrote:

The D600 is lower class than D700 and D800. The A850 wasn't a "super low end camera" at all, with a solid, magnesium alloy body, 1/8000 shutter and a large pentaprism viewfinder. It was simply a cheaper version of the A900.

Lets see what DPR said about this camera.

"Obviously something had to be done to justify the price difference to the flagship A900 (and not completely annoy existing A900 owners), so Sony decided to differentiate the A850 from its bigger brother by slightly reducing the viewfinder coverage and the buffer size (the latter resulting in a 3.0 fps vs 5.0 fps continuous shooting rate)."

The Cons of this camera were...

  • Noise reduction settings applied to raw as well as JPEG files - cannot be 'turned off for raw but left on for JPEGs' (as is normal practice)
  • Relatively high levels of noise at anything over ISO 400 (ISO 6400 is of very, very limited use)
  • JPEGs a little soft by default (some loss of detail due to NR visible even at ISO 200) - you really need to shoot raw (and use ACR or similar) to get the best out of the sensor
  • Top panel LCD very limited compared to all competitors
  • Less customizable than most competitors (though a lot less confusing for it)
  • No live view
  • No movie mode
  • Focus speed not up to other cameras in this class (though it is very accurate)

So, do I want this camera even at 2k? NO!

Richard, the point was not that you want this camera or not. The point was that in 2009, the entry level FF camera was launched at $2000 (lower than the D600 and 6D).

Noisy over iso 400, raw noise reduction, No live view, no video, slow focus speed.

I can see why this camera did not sell even at 2k.

This is irrelevant.

So yes, this is a super low camera, it does not compete with the D600 or the 6d.

Of course a 2009 model is not competitive with the latest ones. That's not the point.


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