On the apparent upcoming high end OMD that will "dub" as the 4/3rds hybrid

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erichK wrote:

These are actually the two cameras that I have come close to buying time and again. I had to decide that the D7/800 (with lenses) was both more than I really want to carry on -yes- dogwalks

I'm not trying to convert you, because it sounds like you are pretty well set with what you have, but just a few comments on portability, because I think there's the perception on this board that FF *always* must be monstrously heavy:

I have some "serious" Nikon-mount lenses, but I sure would not want to carry something like a 70-200/2.8 (or a 50-200, for that matter) on a dog walk or a shopping trip to the city where I may or may not see something I want to photograph.  For this kind of thing I have a film-era Nikon 28-200G.  It is a tiny plastic lens, smaller and lighter than the Oly 14-54.  On a D700, the overall package is about like carrying an E-3/E-5 and 14-54, which I consider not bad at all.

I liked this lens enough that I decided to get a longer stabilized superzoom.  I ended up with the Tamron 28-300, which is slightly larger than the 14-54.  I often pair it with one or two fast primes for when I want to shoot in low light or get that "FF look."

Now, both of these 28-X00 lenses are deeply flawed optically, as you would expect with superzooms, but they each cost under $300, and with them I can go from WA to telephoto with a twist of the wrist.  If you are aware of their sweet spots and flaws, and you don't need to crop heavily or print over say 16", you can take great photos with them, and the convenience simply can't be beat.

A lot of people might say, "Why don't you just get a P&S?"  I thought about it, and I also flirted with m4/3 (I have a G2 and adapter for my 4/3 lenses), but ultimately the D700 just happens to be a fabulously versatile camera, and a real pleasure to use.  Reaction time is fast.  Tracking ability is decent even with cheap, old lenses.  You can even get shallow DOF with these f/5.6 superzooms, if that's your thing.  You can do insane things to the base-ISO files which would be impossible with a P&S (but might be possible with the newer MFT sensors), and you don't have to learn a different pp workflow.  You can put a fast prime in your pocket (the old 50/1.8 is smaller than the 4/3 14-42) and do things that you couldn't do with a P&S.  You get to look through a nice large optical VF.  Etc.

Anyway, that's me.  I realize that this setup is not the solution for everybody, but I'm really happy with it for casual shooting.

and that it would involve a more expensive and extensive (and complex) lens swap than I really want to undertake. I also had no idea that it was THAT weatherproof.

The Nikon lens lineup is admittedly complicated and difficult to learn, especially if you are not averse to buying older lenses.

As far as expensive ... well, it's a complex topic and depends on individual needs.  In my case, if the E-3 had worked out, I would have bought the 35-100 and 150/2, but here in Japan the Nikon 70-200/2.8 and 300/4 cost a total of $1600 less than the two Zuikos.

The partly disabled wildlife photographer friend I recently sold my E-3 to was considering selling his D300s in favour of getting an OM-D, and I warned him not to because the D300 and the 300f4 he uses with it will likely serve him much better for BIF, etc than the OM-D or the E-3 could. (He had owned an E-3 before and missed some of the qualities that you mention and also wanted to try it and its IS with the 400mm and 560mm Leitz Telyts.

Hmm.  Well, this is another thing about Nikon that I find annoying -- their 300/4 is not stabilized.  I feel certain they'll come out with a VR version soon, but it's bound to be expensive.  That said, the current version is my favorite lens ever, and it is great for BIF -- and WIF (whippets in flight).

All the best to you and your flying dog (Gina still runs a little, but at nothing like their velocity!)

Good girl, Gina! 

My "kids" are slowing down and are more injury prone these days ... but still pretty fast!


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