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this is confusing. On a couple of points I think you're spot on but others are quite different from my experience. I regularly shoot RAW+JPG and when I find a print worthy image I process the RAW file to JPG with SPP. I'm getting just about the same images either way

I have noticed over the last few years that camera manufacturers have each made great improvements to their in-camera engines and with the DP3 I see the same with Sigma. My re-process is mostly an exercise.... There is usually some brightness difference but other than that.... Files are the same size, colors are remarkably close. Occasionally I get a bit more glow of sorts with the SPP processed file. So I guess I don't understand the differences you experience.

Of course I'm a stickler for getting it right in-camera. My exposures are almost always spot on and I check and re check white balance on a continual basis. I have little regard or respect for the idea that if shooting in RAW then white balance isn't important. To me that's just sloppy.

You mentioned Film Pack, a favorite of mine, I also noticed that it's not bringing the magic it brings to my Bayer images. In fact, most third party software doesn't. I think that's because the magic is already there with my Foveon images.

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