On the apparent upcoming high end OMD that will "dub" as the 4/3rds hybrid

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Re: fair enough

Art_P wrote:

So when it comes to that, any discussion of the only new camera to use 4/3 lenses must me brought to the m43 forum, and we can only discuss the lenses themselves, and discontinued cameras here.


Perhaps you should petition for a moderator's position, so you can ban anyone who dares mention that other system?

That's a little unkind and not a typical Art_P comment.
As a m4/3 user I'd have thought that you would be happy posting in the m4/3 forum and would have no need to discuss any m4/3 cameras here. Would the m4/3 forum be happy if I was posting E-5 discussion there?

The newness or pro-ness or feature-richness of the new camera won't make it a 4/3 camera. The only thing that can do that is a native 4/3 lens mount and an optical viewfinder.

If it's a true hybrid then DPR will have to work out which forum

No, I'm not gloating, just being a realist. I do hope Olympus surprises us, but it's looking less likely

They could have slapped the Sony sensor into an E-x body and been done w it, a new camera for almost no R&D

But it seems like they'll do what they've been promising for several years- one beautiful system, one camera that will work w all 4/3 and m43 lenses.

and the rest of that sentence is . . .but won't meet the expectations of all users, especially those with the really large 4/3 lenses

. . .raising false hopes ?

"There is no such thing as false hope there is only hope"


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