As an enthusiast the camera market is depressing.

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Whining aside, we're in the best and worst of times.

John Miles wrote:

The more I look at it the more I can see the poor state the camera market is in. From inclusion of movie potential in camera design to the wasteland that is the manual zoom superzoom market, I have many personal reasons to consider the camera choice before me ZERO. But I am certain that, for whatever reasons, I am not alone in considering the market flooded yet optionless.

OK, John Miles, you're kind of a whiner, here.

(And, the "manual zoom superzoom market" isn't targeted at "enthusiasts," with good reason: enthusiasts usually aren't very enthusiastic about lenses that bottom out at f/5.6.)

But your rant swirls haphazardly around kernel of truth with which I agree: for all of the wonderful advances they've brought us, the camera makers are engaging in some epic fails.

(1) Workflow, workflow, workflow.

* Why can't Canon, or Nikon, or Sony, or anyone (!!) create a native software package with the convenience and capability of Lightroom or Aperture?   I know it's possible to set up Lightroom or whatever to get the results you want to get; but why should RAW processing so often be a freaking Sophie's Choice?   You go with the OEM and you get full interpretation of camera data OR go with third party and get smooth, fast workflow, but you can't have both.  In this day and age of drones delivering tacos, WTF?!?!  I mean: for all the time they've spent f#@!ing around with the worthless Nikon "1" system that they're now whining about--imagine if they'd put a tenth of those resources into the byzantine mess that is the Transfer NX-View NX2-Capture NX "suite."

* Why can't Canon or Nikon or Sony or anyone (!!) make it as easy to zap a photograph from a DSLR to the web as it is to zap a smartphone shot?   I know the 6D's WiFi gets us relatively close to that, but why has it taken this long?   And if I want to do it with Nikon, why does it involve a gimpy dongle?  It really can't be built-in, Nikon?!?

(2) Quality Control.

* Crazy, stupid out-of-the-box dust issues on D7000, D600 sensors.  D800 outer focus point misalignments. The D7000 backfocus brouhaha.  Canon's toxic rubber grips.  The 5DIII's bizarro meter light leak.  I mean, *COME ON*.

* Nikon's recent service decisions--no sale of simple parts like straps, battery doors, etc.; no licensing of third party operations; etc. are NUTS.   I've had satisfactory results from Nikon service, but the work took weeks rather than days.

(3) Marketing-driven spec gimping.

* D600 and 6D AF systems are just silly.  Spend 2K for a camera and, in Nikon's case, get a proportionally smaller version of $600 D5200's AF?  In Canon's case, get their *worst* AF system, period?  (Correct me if I'm wrong, Canonites, but even Rebels, these days, have cross-type outer points, right?)   Why can't they tier their systems according to capability or intended use?   Case in point: the MacBook AIR isn't a "gimped" MacBook Pro--it's half as thick, has twice the battery life!

When I add these three issues up, I get the sense that the major manufacturers just aren't that engaged in product.   They're just not that interested in "surprising or delighting" us with solutions to the real outstanding problems; instead, it seems that product gets developed according to what the marketers believe they can profitably sell.   Compare that philosophy with companies who challenge their marketers to sell what they believe it's possible to make.

Anywho, the economic grim reaper's coming for them, since we (literally) aren't buying the bullish/t.  And I suspect that after the invisible hand's "correction," we'll see a turnaround on issues 1, 2, and 3 from the players that remain, if not some surprise and delight in other areas, too.


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