On the apparent upcoming high end OMD that will "dub" as the 4/3rds hybrid

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Re: Sorry, but if this is the best Olympus can do...

Fully agree with Kevin. The next camera from Oly will be the E-7 and I'm confident it'll bring a new Sony sensor-based PDAF. Eventually it may also offer a few more megapixels for marketing reasons, although I think that was never Oly's intention. Unfortunately they will not offer any E-X0 or E-XX0 bodies anymore, but I bet they will keep fulfilling the request from HG and SHG lens users without adapters. Firstly because all they need to do is just use the same body design from the E-5 and upgrade everything under the hood. Second, there's no point to launch a new pro m43s body when they still didn't fill the pipeline of back-ordered EP-5s. In the end, it's logical to assume that every cent on R&D and improvement on 43s bodies (including sensors) can be easily transferred to future m43s models. The very good news along with OMD's launch was its partnership with Sony as I credit Panasonic and their jurassic sensors for blocking 43s system so far. But with the appropriate support from the best sensor supplier, I believe in shorter sensor cycles to make them a serious contender to the high-end APS-C segment. Last, FF is another business and Oly clearly gave up fighting with Canikon very long ago. Eventually the best they will do in this arena is share their technology like rebranded glass and IBIS to Sony's Alpha system. Now let's wait September for the new 43s body. And something no later than Q2/14 for the new OMD...

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