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Carey Brown wrote:

skyglider wrote:

The advantage of backing up with this method is that the backup drive can be stored in a fire resistant safe that's bolted to the floor.


Note that pretty much all easily available "fire resistant safes" are designed to protect paper only, not media. You would have to research and order a "media rated" fire safe, at 10x the cost, to protect a hard drive. Aside from that a locked box of any kind bolted to the floor would offer some degree of protection, at least from theft. Better to keep one drive off site; a relatives house, a neighbor, work, or a safe deposit box.

Yes, the options you listed are the way to go to insure the backup survives. If in an isolated area or where wild fires or other reasons why the home keeps burning until the fire dies, a fire resistant safe is useless. But a single family home where firefighters will be on the scene quickly to extinguish the fire, a fire resistant safe on the ground floor isn't too bad.

When my parent's home burned many years ago, everything on the second floor was completely destroyed. But things in wooden cabinets on the ground floor survived because firefighters were on the scene in a reasonable amount of time. From that experience, I decided that a fire resistant safe on the ground floor is sufficient to protect my backup drives.  I'm constantly doing backups regularly and it would be inconvenient to store them off site.

But as you said, I've been thinking about storing one drive with the most important stuff off site. That drive will not be part of my regular backup procedures. I need to take the time to do that.

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