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4/3 rumors makes money from page views

They will say whatever it takes to drive those page views.

They are fed a stream of weird made up stuff from forum members who then quote the rumours site as proof they were right.

Before the E-5 was released they were posting daily rumors about a "Trine" camera with three sensors and a modular body like a medium format camera. When the perfectly functional E-5 camera was released people treated the upgrade as a failure.

21mp and 15 stops of DR. Right sure.... Black magic gets 13 stops with a 2mp sensor that is almost 4/3 sized.

We will probably get:

  • A better body than the OM-D (no more buttons falling off - see the lens rentals article in the cameras section Still not as solid a body as a E-5/3/1.
  • Maybe a slight increase in MP  (1-2 mp maybe)
  • Maybe a slight increase in DR  (0.5-1 stop maybe)
  • Probably some kind of on-sensor AF for the 4/3 lenses that will focus them like the Nikon and Canon on sensor AF drives their legacy lenses. So the regular 4/3 lenses will not take 2-6 seconds to AF, but they will not AF as fast as on a E-5. Even if they could make them AF as fast, they don't want a huge pool of existing lenses to compete with the new lenses that they are selling to the same customers.
  • Better video - for those who care about that.
  • More "Art" filters for those who care
  • Wifi and/or bluetooth and/or NFC - useful for smartphone users to control camera remotely.

Flame me if you want - I don't mind.

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