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Re: Image sequence & misc.

Thanks for the comments! I will try making another one tonight, and also see what LR can do with the bright water; I'll post it when I make it.

I really do need to get some polarizers, but the good ones, especially at 86mm (for this lens), are way too expensive. I may have to look into the Cokin 100mm filters, that may be the solution for me, given that I don't have any lenses which share a filter size (yeah, bad planning on my part, but my lens collection has been growing organically). I wonder if / how well the Cokin P type holders work for handholding... I mostly see reference to them for landscapes on tripods. I may have to try that out.


Hmm, well I gave it a shot, but I am not liking what I am seeing.  If I lower the intensity of the water and make the birds more visible, it starts to look fake... below are the best I could manage.  I didn't bother putting it in the frame, but you should be able to see what I mean.  This is just a quick and dirty edit; there are a few halos left over which I will get rid of if I decide to print, but it is not looking good IMHO.

I will take another look later, perhaps I can find a happy medium.  Or perhaps I just need to go out in brighter conditions and be more careful of metering + reflections. 

BTW, here is the picture of the actual feeding.  Very sad that they are facing the wrong way, it would have been neat to have seen it.  Look closely here you can see the greenish fish in both of their mouths.

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