How does XF-1 handle bright sunlight + high contrast?

Started Aug 13, 2013 | Questions thread
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Bouquet bokeh

CAcreeks wrote:

Well, the jury is still out on X10 vs XF1 telephoto, but one thing we can probably agree on is that the XF1 has a better lens at wide angle and medium range than the F770 / F800 / F900. However the F models have much longer telephoto.

Inspired by John.Laninga's spider web near Elowah Falls, I was sitting near to one outside our back porch while you were typing the words above.

And I had my XF1 nearby with its lens at 16.1 (actual) equals 63 mm (equivalent).

And the sun was shining through the petals of the flowers in a hanging basket.

Off of the card, straight through Aperture with no processing, into the hoop.

In this part of the world, summer is very, very good.  And (for Dave) that isa spider web at the upper right, and not a lens aberration. 

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