How does XF-1 handle bright sunlight + high contrast?

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Re: Where you can see X10 results (similar)

Well, the jury is still out on X10 vs XF1 telephoto, but one thing we can probably agree on is that the XF1 has a better lens at wide angle and medium range than the F770 / F800 / F900. However the F models have much longer telephoto.

prime wrote:

but its lens is not as good.

You went on a camping trip last week and therefore missed my response when you made a similar reference a week ago; here was my posting then:

As I have noted before, photographers -- more than one photographer -- who have used both the X10 and the XF1 extensively seem to agree that, for image quality, the XF1 is superior to the X10 at its long end (where it is a stop and a half slower than the X10 at its long end), while the X10 is superior to the XF1 at its short end (where it is a third of a stop slower than the XF1 at its short end). I have not used an X10, and therefore cannot make a personal comparison.

What is clear (to me) is that in DPReview's comparison widget, the images for the XF1 (which -- unlike the X10 -- has never been fully reviewed by DPReview on its own, but only "reviewed" as a throw-in to a hastily assembled and sloppy group review published last December) were taken either with manual focus not focused, or with a unit that had defective autofocus. The results are anomalous: at this page and this page, for instance, the Fujifilm XF1 rendition (when selected) of the tree and road of the Bailey's Irish Cream label shows much worse rendition at ISO 200 developed from RAW than at ISO 3200 in-camera JPEG. I count that result as the thirteenth chiming of a crazy clock that is not only incredible of itself, but casts doubt on all of the twelve strikes that have rung before.

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