Why Are Pentax with Prime Selection Grabbing Some of Mirrorless Market?

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Gary Martin
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Re: Oh you value IQ so little.

Richard wrote:

Gary Martin wrote:

Still it is not down to 1499. That is where I think the magic number is, it may be lower like 1399 but will will see when they get down that low I think APSc will start going away, unless they add features like pro level AF FPS will it survive.

Funny, the OP asked about a small kit consisting of a $500 K-30 ( or 1/3 the cost of your proposed FF Holy Grail) and a few small lenses. Instead, you've drifted pretty far off-topic and turned this into a FF advocacy thread. I didn't know we needed more of those!

I didn't advocate anything. My question was, if Pentax was great, why isn't it mainstream and a main player in the field of photography. All I said was it was possible that because Pentax did not have a full frame camera it was not taken seriously by many photographers including pros.

Yes, and what the OP asked is why Pentax, with their smallish bodies and primes, are not taking sales from the mirrorless market - of which its players like Olympus and Fuji *also* do not have a full frame camera to be "taken seriously," which makes your point irrelevant.

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