On the apparent upcoming high end OMD that will "dub" as the 4/3rds hybrid

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Re: A very poor view of E-5 and 4/3

I currently own four Olympus DSLRs, an E400, E3, E620 and an E30 plus 8 lenses, though i do not own any SHG lenses as they were too heavy for what i do.
Whether I like them is irrelevant to the facts though and that is that four thirds has been a commercial failure and is not being developed.

So, I have accepted that, bought into M43 and am building a system there. But I would like to be able to use my HG four thirds lenses and this new camera will enable me to do that while also having the advantages of M43 like the newer better sensors and bigger brighter viewfinders in a smaller form factor.

In fact one of the biggest attractions to me for the OM-D Pro is that I'll get a viewfinder as big as the top of the range FF DSLRs.

If I was a keen widlife photographer or wanted to carry around big cameras i would have moved to an alternative DSLR system, where despite all the comments on this forum, excellent quality lenses are readily available.

In the unlikely event there is a new Oly body then good, but it will only be a stop gap because the new technology to support the four thirds lenses has not been perfected.

Immediately Oly deem that good enough then there will be no more DSLRs. They have said as much themselves

You may be happy to continue with your existing cameras and indeed I'm not that far away myself  but to continually refuse to accept that pure four thirds is finished is just sticking your head in the sand

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