Why Are Pentax with Prime Selection Grabbing Some of Mirrorless Market?

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Re: Oh you value IQ so little.

Alex Sarbu wrote:

Richard wrote:

Alex Sarbu wrote:

Not as huge a difference as the Canon SL1 which is much smaller.

The best "test" is to grab the cameras and see for yourself. The much smaller and lighter Canon entry-level build comes at a price.

Already have, that camera is much smaller and almost half the weight.

Yes, and with an awful plastic build which I personally hate.

Give me the K-5's weight and quality any time.

That is your choice but whether it be cars or cameras, plastic is used to reduce weight whether you like it or not.

The K-5 II has comparable or better features (better sealing, metal body) and a much lower price than even cheap FF's. Don't pretend the D600 ($2000) is near the cost of K-5 II ($1000)

I didn't say that. I said as prices come down on FF, less people will want APSC. APSC did not exist for size difference, it was cost.

Sony A850: $2000 MSRP.

Still it is not down to 1499. That is where I think the magic number is, it may be lower like 1399 but will will see when they get down that low I think APSc will start going away, unless they add features like pro level AF FPS will it survive.

That was the point - that since then the FF prices didn't decrease.

The Canon 5d2 was 3299. Nikon answered with the D700 it was $3000 dollars. It was replaced by the D800 which had more resolution and features. The the D600 came out in Aug of 2012. We are seeing the prices decrease. We will have to wait for the next generation before we see if there is another price drop as a result of better less expensive technology. The Sony had 3fps and was a super low end camera, I don't think it could have sold for more than 2k at the time and I don't think it sold that well.

I don't want a FF DSLR. All cameras are compromises. APS-C is the sweet spot for me, in cost, features and performance.

But if they made a FF in the SL1 body for less money you would buy it right? So would I, but I agree it is all compromise, as FF comes down in price the differences become very much smaller.

I wouldn't touch it with a 10-foot pole.

Doesn't matter what you and I touch, it is the masses and as prices come down, that is what they will buy.

I could buy a properly built camera, though. You see, I'm spoiled by Pentax - in build quality and ergonomics. And I can put the camera, my biggest lens - the 60-250 and 3 DA Limiteds (because I don't have more) in a LowePro Nova1. No need to go smaller

I am spoiled by Canon and Nikon, best lenses, best system and I don't have to half step getting a Pentax.

And that's the trick, to find the system which would make you feel spoiled (be it Canon, Nikon, Pentax or another)


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