Any Lightroom 4 alternatives that cost less?

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Re: Any Lightroom 4 alternatives that cost less?

Daviator wrote:

Lightroom 5 and 5.2RC were unbearable slow accessing and cataloging my in home network images and speed is important to me, especially when alternatives are much faster.
In addition, each time I accessed a folder (previously cataloged) LR would rebuild the thumbnails. I would have to wait as LR would lag and stop responding while it built the thumbnails. No other apps I use have any trouble accessing, opening, editing or importing my network images.
I had contacted Adobe via chat and phone and in each case I was told that Adobe Lightroom does not and will support networks. While most on their user forums claim this to be untrue, this is what I was told by Adobe employees.
I could live with an issue or two but LR AND Adobe had presented too many obstacles for me to bother with using it and to justify its price. I highly suspect that many who love LR have never tried anything else and thus have no basis of comparison and therefore have no idea on how slow/fast it really is.

Like I say, I can't speak for LR5 but the process you're referring to in LR4, for me on my rig, is almost instantaneous.  I have no idea how I have my LR software set up as opposed to yours but speed has never been an issue for me and I use LR4 all the time.  Did this happen for you in LR4?

And, what is "...importing network images"?  As in, not from your hard drive where you've uploaded your images to?  That's where I get mine from, not some "network".

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