Why Are Pentax with Prime Selection Grabbing Some of Mirrorless Market?

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Re: Oh you value IQ so little.

Alex Sarbu wrote:

Not as huge a difference as the Canon SL1 which is much smaller.

The best "test" is to grab the cameras and see for yourself. The much smaller and lighter Canon entry-level build comes at a price.

Already have, that camera is much smaller and almost half the weight.

The K-5 II has comparable or better features (better sealing, metal body) and a much lower price than even cheap FF's. Don't pretend the D600 ($2000) is near the cost of K-5 II ($1000)

I didn't say that. I said as prices come down on FF, less people will want APSC. APSC did not exist for size difference, it was cost.

Sony A850: $2000 MSRP.

Still it is not down to 1499. That is where I think the magic number is, it may be lower like 1399 but will will see when they get down that low I think APSc will start going away, unless they add features like pro level AF FPS will it survive.

I don't want a FF DSLR. All cameras are compromises. APS-C is the sweet spot for me, in cost, features and performance.

But if they made a FF in the SL1 body for less money you would buy it right? So would I, but I agree it is all compromise, as FF comes down in price the differences become very much smaller.

I wouldn't touch it with a 10-foot pole.

Doesn't matter what you and I touch, it is the masses and as prices come down, that is what they will buy.

I could buy a properly built camera, though. You see, I'm spoiled by Pentax - in build quality and ergonomics. And I can put the camera, my biggest lens - the 60-250 and 3 DA Limiteds (because I don't have more) in a LowePro Nova1. No need to go smaller

I am spoiled by Canon and Nikon, best lenses, best system and I don't have to half step getting a Pentax.

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