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Erational wrote:

Sandy, I make mention of using the DP 3m in the first paragraph. To the other poster, using the color wheel has taken me further from color accuracy and I can't replicate the nice colors of the internal JPEG engine.

Sorry, I missed that. Still, DP3Merrill or DP2Merrill, with experience with SPP you should be able to match your output. The cameras are not that terribly different, especially since with same sensor. If for example you'd had been using an older camera, that might be different, although I've pretty much been able to get the 'color' I want from them all in SPP.... SD14 being the hardest though. Reds can be the trickiest. Greens just need some fine tuning sometimes; I do a LOT with green and blue (landscapes and naturals).

Photo examples, as well as more detailed shooting info, would really help readers help you though, if you wish.

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