New camera - Canon G1X or DSC-RX100 MK2??

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Re: New camera - Canon G1X or DSC-RX100 MK2??

AT0MAC wrote:

I am in the market for a high-end compact camera below $1.000 (I live in Denmark and that´s almost what they both cost around here)

Therefor my eye caught the Canon G1X with it´s brilliant 1.5" CMOS or the brand new Sony DSC-RX100 MK2 with it´s fancy backlight 1" CMOS.

They both have features I desire:

  • Screen that tilt both up and down
  • Compact size
  • Metal housing
  • Screen bright enough for direct sunlight (will be used in Africa among other places)

But the most important is the picture quality and there I have my doubts, what gives most - the newer Sony sensor or the bigger Canon?


I do not wish to sound biased as I have no real world experience with the Sony. However I am a full time pro photographer who brought a G1X as a travel & spare small camera to go with my 1DX Kit.

The main reason then that I choose the G1X over all the other compact cameras on the market was that due to it's sensor size & quality, it was one of the first compact cameras that the Pro image libraries would expect photos from. This alone most prove something.

Also at the time I was looking at the Fuji X Pro 1 which had just came out. However what set the G1X head & shoulder above was easy of use & the fact that if you now an EOS you can just use it & get 100% from it from the get go. Also a very noticeable thing is that the G1X has never had or needed a firmware fix since release. I would say it's proven itself 100% reliable.

Since then when Fuji release their XE-1 I brought one with there 18-55mm lens. I only want one lens on a travel or second camera, which I never remove in the field due to dust.

As you probably already now a lot of people rave over the sensor in Fuji's X range and I most agree that it is capable of great results.

However when you come to photoshop RAW files from the Fuji sensor the adjustments & amount that you can push or pull the file is nowhere near the file from the Canon. Canon RAW is 14 Bit so great for PS.

Also The HDR function in the G1X in camera is amazing it may only give you a Jpeg but the results are brill. Plus can now be opened in PS RAW module.

Plus the G1X is built like a tank & I can use my Canon Radio remote flashes with it very easily.

Now although I most admit a love affair with the XE-1 as well its been a far more stormy affair in a far shorter time spam.

First I sent the camera back as the on off switch was to loss, the it when back again because the EV switch was to loss.

Then although I keep the firmware up to date it locks out quite regularly plus resets itself.

As a working tool that is pocketable bullet proof and just works you can't beet the G1X and the icing on the cake is if you do ever get a great shoot it's good enough for a library.

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