On the apparent upcoming high end OMD that will "dub" as the 4/3rds hybrid

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The whole point is a "pro" camera - that is presumably one that is ruggedized, weatherproofed, with a durable shutter and controls that effectively focuses FT lenses as well as mFT ones. It is difficult to put an exact value on those first features because Pentax also does a credible job of competing in these areas for which you usually end up paying $5k or more to Nikon and Canon

Erich, I can't speak for Canon, but I do know that you most certainly do not have to pay $5K to get that kind of ruggedization in the Nikon cameras. I use the D700 almost every single day, and while I was nervous at first about taking it out in difficult conditions, after four years I have every bit as much faith in the durability and weatherproofing of that camera as I did in my E-1 and E-3.

I have used the D700 in rain and snow, and in temperatures from -30C to 40C. I take it on dog walks and handle it with wet and muddy hands. Whenever I go out, I stick a prime or cheap 28-300 on it and throw it in my purse, where it bangs around with lipsticks and pens and cookie crumbs and god knows what else. I shove it in the "dog park" bag, with the water bottles and dirty frisbees. I once used it for five days during the rainy season in Tokyo, where I got soaked to the skin every day as I was shooting. When it wasn't raining, the humidity was almost 100%. The moisture was so bad that I packed my shoes in my suitcase the day I left the city and removed them at home the next morning, only to find them full of fuzzy white mold. Three years after that trip, the D700 just keeps ticking, without a blip.

This year I bought a used D300 for backup. It has the same basic build quality as the D700, at the same original price point as the E-3/5.

As far as shutter life, the D300 and D700 are tested to 150,000 cycles, just like the high-end Olys, and the D800 is rated for 200,000 cycles.

These are actually the two cameras that I have come close to buying time and again. I had to decide that the D7/800 (with lenses) was both more than I really want to carry on -yes- dogwalks and that it would involve a more expensive and extensive (and complex) lens swap than I really want to undertake. I also had no idea that it was THAT weatherproof.

The partly disabled wildlife photographer friend I recently sold my E-3 to was considering selling his D300s in favour of getting an OM-D, and I warned him not to because the D300 and the 300f4 he uses with it will likely serve him much better for BIF, etc than the OM-D or the E-3 could. (He had owned an E-3 before and missed some of the qualities that you mention and also wanted to try it and its IS with the 400mm and 560mm Leitz Telyts.

I'm not saying the Oly cameras don't have their advantages. I would love to have IBIS on my Nikons. I can't understand the Nikon resistance to putting articulated LCDs on their high-end bodies. I much prefer how the Oly cameras put the ISO button under the right hand, where it belongs. I could list a bunch more things I prefer about the Oly cameras. It's just that the build quality, as good as it is, would not be one of them.


Good points.  Your correction of my ignorance is appreciated.  I had only ever owned a Nikon F70 and F80, and occasionally used friends' F4 and F5's  in the film days, so assumed the much larger gap in build these suggested.

All the best to you and your flying dog (Gina still runs a little, but at nothing like their velocity!)

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