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Re: It's a question I asked

Chato wrote:

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BorisK1 wrote:

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If a train blows it's motor, you coast to a stop. What kind of back up measures are there for this concept? Traveling at the speed of sound, and then suddenly "bottoming out" is gonna be a mutha...

There's no motor in the pods. Magnetic levitation will use permanent magnets, so a power outage won't cause them to bottom out.

Still, a scenario where the loop is stopped, is worrying. The pods need emergency brakes in case the pipe is compromised (a plane came down on it, or a sinkhole opened under it, or somobody's customized sneaker blew up a pod, or a lightning strike demagnetized a portion of the track, etc, etc, etc.). They also need a way to evacuate people from the stopped pods.

Neither emergency brakes nor evacuation manholes seem like insurmountable obstacles though.

Whoops, it's not magnetic levitation. Read a wrong article. Never mind

I don't have an answer. I have no idea. But when I read "speed of sound" the possibility of something "going wrong" seems to be a valid question...

Sooner or later something WILL go wrong, and I'd like to know how the emergency systems work, AND do they cover all possibilities.

There's no way they'd cover "all" possibilities, but it should be possible to make the system significantly safer than the normal high-speed rail.

For instance, a problem with one pod (or with a terminal) won't cause a "domino" effect of other pods crashing into it - they'll have emergency brakes and deployable wheels.

The tubes will have emergency access and pressurization ports.

(Breathing 0.1% atm inside a steel tube heated by California sun can be detremental to one's sinuses).

The "magnetic levitation" was a common speculation, before the plans were revealed. Turns out, it's "air bearings" - a compressor/fan system that pulls the (very thin) air from the front of the pod and blows it underneath the pod (creating an air cushion like in hovercraft) - and partially behind the pod (relieving the pressure built up in front of it by its high speed).

Here's the proposal (pdf)

They actually put a lot of thought into safety - just search the .pdf for the word "safe".

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