Why Are Pentax with Prime Selection Grabbing Some of Mirrorless Market?

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Richard Veteran Member • Posts: 4,858
Oh you value IQ so little.

The Penax is 20mm shorter, 10mm narrower and 100 grams lighter. You would choose inferior IQ, DOF control, better high ISO noise over a small size difference. I think that is crazy.

Now if you told me you bought the Pentax because it was half the price of the FF, I would say ok, I can see the trade off but if the units are near the same price I think a tiny difference in size like the one in your link is not a good reason to choose it.

If you showed me a pockatable camera, I could see why you might want that over a FF too. That is not crazy.

audiobomber wrote:

Richard wrote:

Right now the D600 is $1999. If it dropped to $1499, why would anyone consider an APS-C. Unless they are entry level wanting a Rebel 650 which is at 700 dollars with a lens. It was not long ago that lowest priced FF DSLRs were $3300 the price of the original 5d.

Here's a reason:


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You are using size as your only point


The canon is almost half the weight, much smaller. So obviously it must be the better choice using your logic right?

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