The Hyperloop

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It's a question I asked

BorisK1 wrote:

BorisK1 wrote:

Chato wrote:

If a train blows it's motor, you coast to a stop. What kind of back up measures are there for this concept? Traveling at the speed of sound, and then suddenly "bottoming out" is gonna be a mutha...

There's no motor in the pods. Magnetic levitation will use permanent magnets, so a power outage won't cause them to bottom out.

Still, a scenario where the loop is stopped, is worrying. The pods need emergency brakes in case the pipe is compromised (a plane came down on it, or a sinkhole opened under it, or somobody's customized sneaker blew up a pod, or a lightning strike demagnetized a portion of the track, etc, etc, etc.). They also need a way to evacuate people from the stopped pods.

Neither emergency brakes nor evacuation manholes seem like insurmountable obstacles though.

Whoops, it's not magnetic levitation. Read a wrong article. Never mind

I don't have an answer. I have no idea. But when I read "speed of sound" the possibility of something "going wrong" seems to be a valid question...

Sooner or later something WILL go wrong, and I'd like to know how the emergency systems work, AND do they cover all possibilities.


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