iMac Set Up for Video and Photography

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Re: iMac Set Up for Video and Photography

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I used to do video, my son, when he decides to work, still does it professionally. Throw as much CPU as possible at it. For many tasks, it will make a difference. You're dealing with processes that will max all cores quite easily if allowed to. I would assume with a Fusion drive Apple's software will take care of the location of video files. Though dated info and I don't know if the Fusion drive is different, keep the video files off the ssd. The hdd, once spooled, will out run it. If you want to spend the bucks, an external TBolt drive.

Unless you're setting up a raid drive, or using a super high-end drive, a USB 3 hard drive will be 99% as fast as Thunderbolt while likely being cheaper.

That's mostly correct for magnetic drives but certainly not for SSDs.

Thunderbolt is a great technology, but it's just not that useful for a single drive.

Of course it is. For $80 I can connect a standard 2.5" SSD to a Thunderbolt adapter from Seagate and get SATA 3 SSD speeds externally, something that USB 3 in practice does not deliver.

I suspect he was referring to thunderbolt not being particularly useful for a single HDD.

I was responding exactly to what he said. He can correct it if he likes but his statement was simply incorrect.

Which is correct.

A RAID yeah, a SSD yeah, but not a single 7200 rpm HDD.

Read my post again. I was specifically referring to a single SSD on a Thunderbolt adapter.

Never had the money to try it with one of the super fast HDD's. For a single drive you can save some money with a USB 3 and not sacrifice performance.

You mean for a single magnetic/spinning hard drive. Unless you are clear with that distinction less knowledgeable readers will get confused.

This is a single HD on Thunderbolt:

This is the same drive/same enclosure on USB 3:

The insignificant difference is due to the screen shot being taken at different points in the test. It should be disregarded.

This is the same enclosure with a SSD on thunderbolt:

And for reference, this is the factory 27" late 2012 iMac internal base spec HDD:

And this is two HDD's in RADE 0 on Thunderbolt. Don't have an enclosure to check them on USB 3.

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