Why Are Pentax with Prime Selection Grabbing Some of Mirrorless Market?

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I thought you were over and out...

Leandros S wrote:

Richard wrote:

Leandros S wrote:

The lenses work fine on Nikon, Pentax as you say you would have to crop down the image to make it presentable.

You're failing to get the bigger point here, which is that if your intention is to shoot full frame, owning crop lenses makes no sense. I don't expect you to get this so it's over and out from me.

Let me quote myself.

"The problem with Pentax is 2 things, first, no path to FF."

You said

"That is such patent BS"

I was saying that there was no Pentax FF camera. That is not BS it is true, there are only rumors. Then you started talking about lenses.

This notion of an "upgrade path" is as old as it is wrong.

No it is not. Many, not all of Canon and Nikon lenses fit both cameras, if you have these lenses, it is an upgrade path.

I've explained the maths, and others have provided examples, but you are stubbornly refusing to evaluate the new info we have given you.

Your new math cannot overcome facts. Nikon and Canon have upgrade paths to FF.

You are not likely to lose money by investing in a Pentax APS-C system, then selling it all when you want full frame.

If you have the right lenses, you lose nothing.

With Canikon, you'll be buying expensive and probably repair-prone lenses (see headline article in DPR News/Roger Cicala),

I have never had a problem with Canon or Nikon glass. you are making things up.

some of which you'll also have to sell unless you're not actually serious about full frame (i.e. using them in crop mode, which puts you back at APS-C in image quality and resolution terms). I would advise against buying a full frame camera if you don't want to take full frame pictures. Does that sound simple enough? Not for you, I'm guessing.

No of course, this is a fabrication. You don't know what you are talking about.

Additionally, the lenses Pentax makes explicitly for APS-C are smaller, lighter, and some of the main choices are weather-sealed as well. So in size and weight terms, Pentax lenses actually have some of the advantages usually only encountered in FT and mirrorless systems - although the crop factor difference still applies! The offering of EF-S and DX lenses is much less comprehensive by comparison.

You avoid the problem. They don't have an upgrade path to FF, because they don't make a FF regardless of the lenses. Are you over and out now?

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