On the apparent upcoming high end OMD that will "dub" as the 4/3rds hybrid

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Re: What price will the mass market bare?

dave gaines wrote:

erichK wrote:

dave gaines wrote:

Olympus is about to find out how much camera enthusiasts are willing to pay for it's m4/3 system with m4/3 lenses.


Watanabe, especially, emphasized that the OM-D was *not* the pro body that Olympus is working on to such an extent - even going so far as to minimize the "pro" qualities of the OMD - that we clearly should not be basing the pricing for such a new camera on either the OMD or its brethren.


Hi Erick,

You can't compare an OM-D to a $5k FF canikon like the D800, 5DmkIII, 1D or D4 just because it's weather-proof. There's no room at the top for any of the MILC.

Did try to say thaty of course those cameras are built to a still higher standard than the E1,3, and 5, but should have been explicit about this, and also about the fact that the OM-D kikekely (obviously?) is at a lower level of weatherproofing, etc, than the those Oly dslr's

I appreciate your reminding us all of what Watanabe said in February. I still believe it's true in spite of all the Rumors and speculation from people here. If the OM-D is not that camera then the pricing of an OM-D has nothing to do with the price of the next Pro E-x.

That is my point...if they can get that camera out.

The features that you and a few m4/3 adopters who used to shoot with an E-x

I still do shoot, fairly regularly, with my E-5.  Whenever fast6 AF and especially CAF (problematic though that is on the E-5) are or may be needed, or when I really want to use the 12-60 and or the 50-200.  I did just sell the E-3 to a friend, but I still have my E-1 (and E-330, 420 and 620 - did sell my E-500 to another friend.)

and still have HG and SHG 4/3 lenses are willing to pay for in the next OM-D to get it up to the level of an E-5 (an E-5 with a better sensor) does not have any bearing on what they can sell an OM-D upgrade for to the majority of enthusiasts who buy MILC. It's all about what the market can bare (or bear, grrr). Olympus must compete with these other MILC systems in the same mass marketplace.

This prospective "pro" camera would/will likely have to be be priced higher because it will require expensive-to-build-develop-and-produce features like a tough body shell, extensive sealing, durable moving parts and top quality controls in order to carve out a special niche for itself as a truly "professionall" compact, lightweigth hybrid or EVW camera. Although there will be some saving if the massive pentaprism and the complex moving-mirror system of the E-5 can be reduced or eliminated, it will still be difficult for such a body to be a financially viable product at the prices some here are demanding.

What the E-1 sold for in 2003 when other cameras were equally expensive has nothing to do with prices today.

Actually, it *was priced* considerably higher than both the Nikon D70 and the Canon 20D, BUT ended up often selling for less than they did, about a year later (I bought mine in Nov 2004 for about $1600, with the 14-54, I think),  My point is that it is such an excellent camera because the desinbg, engineering, and component parts, fit and finish were set by that higher pricepoint.

What did the E-10 & E-20 sell for? My Camedia C-8080 originally sold for ~ $1000. You wouldn't pay $2600 for an E-1 today. Until recently people would buy an E-5 for $1700 though.

That, too,  reflects (along with our fanboyism!)some very astute and effective design and engineering decisions by Olympus to achieve the most they could with limited means and to take the big gamble of realeasing it, a gamble which, let's hope, paid off well enough in decent sales at a tolerable price-point to encourage them to make another.

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Timne will *bare* all, although the wait is, indeed, becoming increasingly unbearable!

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