As an enthusiast the camera market is depressing.

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Re: As an enthusiast the camera market is depressing.

happypoppeye wrote:

John Miles wrote:

I simply detest the fact that in being an enthusiast I am placed in a minority that has little bearing in the way manufacturers design and promote cameras.

It appears to me now that the only viable equipment route is DSLR. Beyond that the often truly pathetic camera designs that are released offer no redeeming qualities that might tempt the enthusiast.

Why do camera designers fail so comprehensively to create and maintain a check list of camera features that build into a competent camera? It is infuriating when a design is released with 5 of 6 of the major points you were looking for. For a market so diverse you would think that options beyond the DSLR would be available.

The small in the hands, small focal range camera abounds, with countless options available. Why are so few trying to be different if they are already struggling with current sales? There are gaping holes in the camera supply market that are not being explored. Where are the superzoom 4/3's? Where are the full frame compacts? Where is the wealth of 2/3" cameras.

I know people will instantly respond with a host of reasons why a certain type will not happen, but that is irrelevant. The camera market is suffering and the manufacturers need to experiment.

Why did Olympus make in body IS and Panasonic in lens IS? Why did they bother agreeing the 4/3" format and then cock that bit up? Somewhere along the line error is building on error to make long term camera ownership a shambles. Who is prepared to commit to a camera system that might not be there next year? How many of us can actually genuinely afford to change entire systems THAT often.

The more I look at it the more I can see the poor state the camera market is in. From inclusion of movie potential in camera design to the wasteland that is the manual zoom superzoom market, I have many personal reasons to consider the camera choice before me ZERO. But I am certain that, for whatever reasons, I am not alone in considering the market flooded yet optionless.

Well, this sounds like a problem ebtirely made up in your head.

Well no.

As for enthusiasts, I agree with the camera companies to ignore them. A bunch of people who think they are better than the average camera buyer and a very very small minority.

Camera companies do listen to enthusiasts; Fuji especially so.

Take a trip around the world sometime ...if your depressed about the state of cameras in this day and age, well, I feel sorry for you.

Don't waste your time feeling sorry for me. For the most part I know what I need in a camera, even if that camera no longer exists new. This isn't a thread for you.

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