Which Speedlight with D7100

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Re: Which Speedlight with D7100

toro1966 wrote:

Hey all - I am brand new to picture taking with anything other than a point and shoot or iPhone.  I am in the process (tonight/tomorrow) of ordering a d7100.  I intend on getting the d7100 body and then the 18-200 VRII lens.  I have done A LOT of reading over the last month and think that is the right setup for me.  Yes -  more camera than I am capable of using right now, but I have high aspirations

The question is - to get a speedlight or not?  I saw the new SB-300 Nikon has coming out and it looks nice and compact, but I just don't get the feeling it will have the longevity I need as I finally figure out how to use the gear and get into taking lots of pictures.  So I am leaning now towards either the SB-700 or the SB-910.  The main reason I am considering buying one now is because I can get a discount if I buy it with the rest of the stuff.  So is there a consensus on which one is the right one to get.

I plan on taking quite a few indoors pictures of family, friends, and events.  I was actually considering getting the 35mm f1.8 as well because I know it would be better for indoors.  Would I really miss the features of the 910 if I get the 700?  The difference is $200 so it isn't insignifcicant.  And with that extra $200 I could get the 35mm 1.8 lens.  Thoughts?  Thanksin advance for the help.

I think you should get a flash because I am not satisfied shooting indoor photos without a nice bounce flash to boost colors, etc. Sure you can shoot ISO 3200, but it is not nearly as good IMO.

Since you don't know you need the 910, I'd start with the 700. You can always add the 910 later in your multiflash setup. I did the same thing by buying the SB 600 first, followed by the SB 800. Another note on the 910 is that it is huge. Make sure you see it in person before buying so you know what you are getting.

I wouldn't bother with the 300 or 400. They have their uses, but not as your first flash as there are only slightly better than the popup and won't let you fire them remotely off camera (ok, maybe with a cord) which can take your photography to a new level.

I also think the 35 would nicely round out your system for indoor shooting where the 18-200 will be slow.

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