On the apparent upcoming high end OMD that will "dub" as the 4/3rds hybrid

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Re: Upcoming OM-D sounds like another micro4/3

I am sort of with you on this Dave although some 4/3 stuff has its merits. . One thing that would really pee me off would be if I had to move my tent to 1041 . That is a lunatic asylum run buy the inmates. There seems to be more bitching about the new OMD being able to use 4/3 lens and maybe a bit bigger, also the adolescent attitude of me first , me first. ( Kill 4/3 some that we can get better quality cheaper.)

Methinks the problem about the new OMD possibly being able to use 4/3 lenses will show  M4/3 users how bad ( Except for a few) some m4/3 lenses really are.

Lets put it this way if Olympus do distortion correction on 4/3 lenses on the new camera with nominal CA correction what the internal Photoshopped  what image will be like. ?

Olympus could be showing them what they have been really being selling them over last few years.

As to a quality small zoom . Olympus will not be able to take the likes of the 50-200 shrink  it down and have it give the same native Optical quality as the bigger 4/3 lens. The maybe could but then you wold be looking at lenses in the $2500 bracket.

The 2 X f/2 zooms are the last f/2 zooms we will see from Olympus unless they continue with 4/3 or build a m4/3 adapter into the lens and it not going to be small.

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