Nikon D800 to Canon EOS 5D Mark III switch : anyone ?

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Re: probably won't find them here

Raphaël LEssinger wrote:

These past years, we've seen a lot of photographers switching from Canon to Nikon... but I met two French photographers who recently moved from the Nikon D800 to the Canon EOS 5D Mark III because of a more versatile body and finally a better camera for most of their use.
I am quite interested in getting your feedback and motivations if you did the same move.


I expect that those that did switch are now hanging out on the Canon forums. However, I do recall one who was vocal about his switch and why (the photo ninja) or some variation of that I believe was his DPR login name. I recall him complaining about the colors on the LCD and in final images. His posts occassionally make the most responded to threads, so I have noticed he is posting on the Canon forums now.

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