If Sony releases a FF Nex what will this do to X sales?

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Re: If Sony releases a FF Nex what will this do to X sales?

Rod McD wrote:

If you read through the comments made at the introduction and review of the RX1, I think you'll find that there were significant numbers of people who wouldn't buy it because they didn't want to be confined to one FL, another (overlapping) bunch who want a BIEVF rather than an add on finder, and another bunch who simply lamented the cost. I think they'd be the key reasons....... I'd count myself as not being happy with the RX1 for all those reasons.

I have no data on the potential market for an IL version with a BIEVF, but from the interest, I'd say it's there......

Cheers, Rod

I feel that a lot of people felt similar about the X100. They didn't want to be confined to one focal length and were turned off by the cost. I think the X100 overcame these reservations because it also gave people something additional that caught their interest. The hybrid viewfinder, manual controls and retro styling. Once it got into the hands of users, they realized that their reservation about having 1 focal length wasn't nearly as much of an issue as previously thought and a good number found it to be an advantage.

I think the big drawback of the RX1 is that it's missing a built in OVF. Without one, I think people are much more hesitant to drop that kind of cash and the market isn't made up of only X100 users who are comfortable shelling out for a single focal length camera. When you think about the price point of the RX1, we're not exactly talking about the younger generation here. For that kind of disposable income we're looking at 30+ y/o professionals who grew up with OVF's in every camera. Before the X-series cameras I would actually been fine with the hot shoe mount OVF, but after using and simply knowing the Fuji Hybrid finder exists, I don't see the point in the RX1. I'd much rather wait and see what Fuji comes up with over the next few years. FF is a really nice feature, but it's not enough to outweigh the cameras drawbacks now that we have Fuji cameras on the market.

Now if Sony drops a similar hybrid type viewfinder onto a FF MLILC with manual controls, it would be an enticing camera. Of course I'd wait and see what Fuji comes up with. They've already done an admiral job on their existing cameras and it's hard to beat Fuji glass.

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