Fitting "gel" filters in Pen-Mini cameras

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Fitting "gel" filters in Pen-Mini cameras


For various reasons, such as filtering out UV with Wratten 2A or 2E filters, fitting ND filters for long exposure or using IR filters, such as the Lee 87 used to illustrate this method, it can be useful to fit polyester/gel filters behind the lens.

It transpires that it is possible to slip a suitably sized cut filter unter the plastic part that holds the electrodes that communicate with lenses. The baffle grooves or "terraces" surrounding the sensor aperture constrain the filter from moving up, left or right or rotating. In the PM1 the IR filter stays put. A UV filter in the PM2 moves slightly, and the IR filter is not quite so firmly held in the PM2, so the difference is in the camera.

The following pictures illustrate a damaged IR filter gel with my PM1.

Filter in place - it can move downward another ~2mm before touching anything.

Inserting or removing the filter - this filter was buckled (and is dirty). Care is needed to avoid putting a corner of the filter into the space where the shutter is.

Nudging the filter into place.

Much exaggerated angle of the filter to show how its corner slips into the gap. This grip position would not normally be used as it is likely to damage the filter.

The filter can be up to about 24mm wide.

This one is a bit taller than I normally use, I typically cut them square.

For fun, an IR image of the tools and filter.


edit: forgot to add this one:

Angled to show how filter can slip in.

Flat view
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