On the apparent upcoming high end OMD that will "dub" as the 4/3rds hybrid

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I'm with you, Erich

What I really care about are my ZD lenses: 7-14, 8FE, 14-54, 50M, 50-200, 35-100. Nothing like them, or most of them, from anyone else.

As long as I have a reasonably state of the art body to put them on, the combination handles well, and they work as they should, I'm happy.

If it's an E7 that's built on the E5, that would be just fine. But, as you note and I agree with, I can't see Olympus making that sort of capital investment in a market that they are taking sales away from, or at least hope to. Especially as the current OMD has not only brought in new customers, but has added some much needed luster to the tarnished Olympus name.

If it's an uprated OMD that AF's ZD glass quickly, that would also be just fine. As long as the combination handles decently, and my experience so far with OMD+ZD is that it does handle reasonably well, I'm satisfied. Having used a couple of the fast MZD primes, I would prefer that solution, as it gives me the option to go very small by taking off the grip.

My gut feel is, it's probably going to be uprated OMD or nothing. I tend to think that most 1022 residents would find that to be a very good solution, if they just give it a try. The alternative is to ditch ZD entirely. If they want to do that, also fine... I'd still like to get an 11-22, maybe a 150F2... maybe a 12-60... if the price is right.

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