the D4x is coming.

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Seriously, a D4S/X or D5 would look like this:

If the D4S/X has the following specs, it would already be considered a big upgrade over the current D4, and still be a trophy camera:

- EXPEED4 dual processor with more focus points spread across a larger portion of the screen, with 9/12 tracking focus (central point with a few around it tracking subject in viewfinder), and improved focus speeds (currently the 1DX focuses nearly 3 times as fast if it's not in very low light, so if the EXPEED4 x2 processor can focus faster, etc... then you're going to have a lot more former Nikon lovers switch back to Nikon).

- Increase of dynamic range past the D800 to say, 15 EV

- 24-26 MP with 1.5 or more stop noise improvement

- Boost to 13-16 FPS with slight increase in buffer

- Dual XQD card slots

- Better screen resolution for the back screen

- Bring back the C/S/M focus button in the front (or not, but I prefer it!)

- USB 3+ connection speeds with a port that can be upgraded to USB 4/5... etc. (removable) instead of USB 2.

If it had all the features above... I'm sure it'll sell quite easily for $7,500 tag. Likely be sold out for the first couple of months.

People who can and would spend a couple thousand would likely be higher-end professionals shooting sports, high-ISO scenes, or high-end events. Need to cater to them, not the megapixel hungry folks. If someone wanted huge 36 MP format size and high FPS, they could just get several D800s on CH mode and just remote them a split second apart.

A body with the specs above would just clearly end the debates among some users between the D4 and 1DX. Then again, it might be just called the D5.

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