Any Lightroom 4 alternatives that cost less?

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Re: Any Lightroom 4 alternatives that cost less?

Daviator wrote:

I just tried Lightroom 5 and 5.2RC as well as Corel AfterShot and found them both to be unbelievably slow, clunky and unstable, especially when opening images on my network.
I Googled for alternatives to Lightroom and found Zoner Photo Studio among others. It's very fast, has not crashed once and seems to be loaded with great tools including HDR. The tools it has for straightening images are the best I've ever seen in any program.
It does work differently than other apps in that you do work on live images. However if you save your edits, a backup tif IS created and dumped in a folder. The caveat to that that they are renamed with a sequential number and with an odd extension and all of the images end up in the same folder.
But overall I feel I have finally found the tool I was looking for. Fast, easy, powerful, and affordable. ($70 for "Pro" version, $35 for "Home" version)
They have a free trial.

Regardless of how much alike or better or whatever alternate programs might be,  speed of Lightroom 5 should not be a deciding factor as LR4 is lightning fast on my computer.  I'm guessing LR5 would be, too.

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