On the apparent upcoming high end OMD that will "dub" as the 4/3rds hybrid

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dave gaines
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Next OMD is a micro 4/3, not a pro

Olymore wrote:

I'm sure 'Daddyo' would be pleased to know that he is a 'hobbiest'.
Sulking that you aren't going to get your Ex does not detract from the fact that more pros are using the OM-D than were using the E5.

Who is Daddyo and why would he care? Why are you his spokesperson?

What insider knowledge do you have that a Pro E-x is not coming? No one really knows what's coming in a few weeks. Soon we'll all know.

Pro's need pro lenses. Micor 4/3 does not offer Pro grade lenses. The zooms are SG. Only a few of the primes are high grade level and a pro working a gig can not use a bag full of primes as a substitute for good SHG zooms. Olympus might have sold a lot of OM-D in 2 years but that doesn't mean they are being used by pros.

This is Olympus SLR Talk, the place to discuss Olympus E series digital SLR cameras and lenses (Micro Four Thirds models should be discussed on the Micro Four Thirds Talk forum). We're waiting for the next Olympus DSLR.

Speculation about an upcoming, overpriced OM-D should be taken to the m4/3 talk forum, where people care about milc.

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